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Automotive Recall and Technical Service Bulletin Titles for 1990 Jaguar Majestic L6-4.0L.

TSB Number & Issue Date      TSB Title
JAGA100-001 SEP 06    Interior - Approved Cleaning Products
1-108 SEP 99    PDU - Software Updates
1-106 JUL 99    PDU - Software Update
PDU-11 AUG 98    PDU - New Software Update
1-87 OCT 97    PDU - Vibration Analyzer
3-158 OCT 97    Wood Veneer Repair Program
86-178 AUG 97    Blue `Hella' Relay - Diagnosis
1257 AUG 95    Engine - Poor Idle Quality
8411 APR 94    Windshield Wiper - Smearing
ATRATB191 OCT 93    A/T - Failsafe Modes
1831 APR 93    Engine - Stalls At Idle
1243 APR 93    Install Valve Guide Seals
1826 OCT 92    Distributor Cap - Revised
269 SEP 92    Water Pump Revised
8231 JUN 92    A/C Blower Motor - Noisy
265911201 DEC 91    Cooling System - Antifreeze Leaks
ATRATB078 NOV 91    A/T - How To Use A Pressure Gauge
143910901 SEP 91    Service Literature - Availability
475910701 JUL 91    Propshaft - Vibration at 30-50 MPH
4411 MAY 91    A/T - Poor Shift Quality
4704 MAY 91    Propshaft - Vibration
8685 MAR 91    Radio - Failure
8684 FEB 91    CD Player - Skip
TOOL37 FEB 91    Tools - Required List S34B
1818 JAN 91    TSB # 1818, Dated 1/91
TOOLS35 DEC 90    Tool - Freon Recovery System
JDS56 NOV 90    JDS - Carbon Canister Error
TOOLS31 NOV 90    Tool - A/C Drain Holes
ATRATB028 OCT 90    A/T - Engine Vacuum Testing
648900901 SEP 90    Hubs, Spacers and Shims - Revised
TOOLS27 SEP 90    Tool - Fuel Injection Tester
1222 AUG 90    Head Gasket - Improved
7657 JUL 90    Trunk - Water Ingress
8219 JUN 90    A/C Condenser - Revised
1220 JUN 90    Valve Spring - Revised
1219 MAY 90    Engine - Knock Noise
647900501 MAY 90    Ride Level Sensor - Revised
8671 APR 90    A/C - Switch Revised
8217 APR 90    A/C Sensor - Revised Design
669R MAR 90    669R - 03/01/90
ATRATB9002006 FEB 90    A/T - Choosing the Right ATF
8669 FEB 90    ABS Multiplugs - Checking
8405 FEB 90    Washer Additive Quantities
ATRATB8930 OCT 89    A/T - Math Part II
ATRATB8923 AUG 89    A/T - Math Formulas Part I
ATRATB8754 SEP 87    A/T - Front Bushing Wear

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ALLDATA has obtained this information from the original equipment manufacturers and others and ALLDATA believes it to be reliable. However, ALLDATA makes no warranty regarding the information, express or implied, and accepts no responsibility for the accurancy or completeness of the information provided.

In no event shall ALLDATA be liable for any damages arising from the use or misuse of this information, including, but not limited to, any direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages arising out of the use or inability to use this information.

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