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Automotive Recall and Technical Service Bulletin Titles for 2001 Oldsmobile Alero L4-144 2.4L DOHC VIN T SFI.

TSB Number & Issue Date      TSB Title
TSB Number & Issue Date      TSB Title
TSB Number & Issue Date      TSB Title
00-00-89-027H JUL 14    Interior - Eliminating Unwanted Odors
05-06-04-035D MAY 14    Fuel System - E85 Fuel Usage Information
05-03-10-020E FEB 14    Tires - Nitrogen Gas Usage Information
PI0281D JAN 14    Body - Under Body Corrosion
10-08-110-001A NOV 13    Interior - Proper Use of Floor Mats
01-06-01-011H OCT 13    Engine - Oil Consumption Guidelines
99-08-51-001C FEB 13    Body - Paint-less Dent Repair Process
10-08-45-001D FEB 13    Electrical - Ground Repair Information
04-06-04-054E AUG 12    Engine - THIS BULLETIN HAS BEEN CANCELED
02-07-30-052H MAR 12    A/T - Fluid Oil Cooler Flow Test
06-08-64-001C DEC 11    Body - Side Window Chipping Information
04-07-30-037E APR 11    A/T - Dexron®(R)-VI Fluid Information
06-03-10-010A JUN 10    Wheels - Changing Procedures/Precautions
08-08-64-011A FEB 10    Mirrors - Heated Mirrors, Defrosting Time
01-07-30-036H JAN 09    A/T Control - DTC P0756 Diagnostic Tips
01-07-30-032E SEP 08    A/T - 4T65E Fluid Leaking From A/T Vent
08-07-30-027 JUN 08    A/T - No Movement in Drive or 3rd Gear
06-06-04-035A FEB 08    Fuel System - E85 Fuel Usage Precaution
05-06-01-010B SEP 07    Engine - Sealant Usage/Procedures
07-08-45-002 SEP 07    Electrical - Aftermarket Fuse Warning
06-00-89-054 NOV 06    Warranty - Claims Submission
00-06-04-033B OCT 06    Emissions - OBDII I/M Readiness Testing
06-01-39-007 JUL 06    A/C - Contaminated R134A Refrigerant
03-07-30-043A MAY 06    A/T - Shift Lock Control Feature Function
02-06-05-004B FEB 06    Accessories - DTC's P0300, P1380, P1381
02-01-39-004B NOV 05    A/C - New PAG Oil
01-07-30-041B OCT 05    A/T - Diagnosing Fluid Leaks
05-05-23-001 MAR 05    Brakes - Revised System Specifications
01-08-46-004A MAR 05    OnStar(R)/Cell Phone - Integration
03-09-41-003A FEB 05    Restraints - Air Bag System Diagnostics
01-01-38-006D SEP 04    A/C - R-134a System Flushing Procedures
02-06-03-010A JUL 04    Battery - Parasitic Drain
03-07-30-021A NOV 03    A/T - Shift Flare/DTC's Set/SES Lamp ON
01-01-38-013A OCT 03    A/C - Unnecessary Compressor Replacement
02-08-64-023A AUG 03    Body - Power Window(s) Inoperative
03-02-36-002 JUL 03    Steering - Revised Service Procedures
03-07-30-006 MAR 03    A/T - 4T40-E/4T45-T Engineering Changes
00-05-23-002B MAR 03    Brakes - Front Disc Brake Pulsation
03-08-66-002 JAN 03    Body - Wind Noise From Rear of Vehicle
02-08-44-011 JUL 02    Audio System - Poor Radio Reception
02-06-01-026 JUN 02    Engine - Identification Information
01-08-57-007A APR 02    Body - Water Leaks to Interior/Trunk
02-05-22-001 APR 02    Brakes - Revised Specifications
02-06-01-008 MAR 02    Engine - New Prelube Tool
02-08-58-001 FEB 02    Body/Frame - Wind Noise
02-07-29-001 FEB 02    M/T - Grinding/Rattling Noise
01-03-08-003A FEB 02    Suspension - Front/Rear Squawking Noise
99-00-89-019B FEB 02    Warranty - Parts Return Program Explained
01-03-10-011 DEC 01    Tires - Sidewall Damage
01-06-02-012 DEC 01    Water Pump - Coolant Weepage
01-06-04-044 NOV 01    EVAP System - Special Tool Usage
01-07-30-029 OCT 01    A/T - Core Return Product Feedback Form
00-06-04-011A OCT 01    EVAP System - Monitor Strategy
00-01-38-009A JUN 01    A/C - Factory Added Leak Detection Dye
01-00-89-010 JUN 01    Diagnostic Worksheet - Usage
01-08-52-002A JUN 01    Keyless Entry Transmitter - Programming
99-07-30-020A APR 01    A/T - Service Procedure Changes
01-08-44-004 APR 01    CD Player - Skips or Ejects at Random
01-08-64-006 APR 01    Left Hand Mirror - Vibration
01-01-38-001 JAN 01    A/C Compressor - Shaft Seal Replacement
01-05-22-001 JAN 01    Brake Pedal - Clunk/Rattle Noise
00-06-02-009 DEC 00    Water Pump - Weep (Normal Condition)
00-08-48-003 NOV 00    Stationary Glass - Installation Method
00-06-04-026 JUN 00    PCM - Returned Product Feedback Program
00-06-03-003 MAY 00    Battery - Testing and Replacement
00-06-04-021 MAY 00    EVAP System - Service of Connectors

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