Your Vehicle: 2001 Ford Escort ZX2 L4-2.0L DOHC VIN 3
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  VECI Acronym Definitions  

ALVW - Adjusted Loaded Vehicle Weight, (Curb Weight + GVWR) /2.

Averaging Bank/Trade - Used for Oxides of Nitrogen (NOx) Credits on Heavy Duty Trucks Only.

BBL - Barrel.

CALIFORNIA ARB - California Air Resource Board.

CARB - California Air Resource Board.

CARB LEV - Low Emission Vehicle.

CARB TLEV - Transitional Low Emission Vehicle.

CARB ULEV - Ultra Low Emission Vehicle.

CARB ZEV - Zero Emission Vehicle.

CPI - Central Port Injection.

CI - Cylinder Injection.

CNG - Compressed Natural Gas.

EPA - Environmental.

EVAP - Evaporative Emissions.

GVW - Gross Vehicle Weight.

GVWR - Gross Vehicle Weight Rating, Curb weight plus payload.

HHDE - Heavy Heavy Duty Engine.

HHDDE - Heavy Heavy Duty Diesel Engine.

MHDE - Medium Heavy Duty Diesel Engine.

MPI - Multi Port Injection.

LDDT - Light Duty Diesel Truck categories.

LDT - Light Duty Truck (gasoline) categories based on weight as defined in the table.

LDV - Light Duty Vehicle, generally passenger cars and light trucks under 6000 pounds GVWR.

LHDE - Light Heavy Duty Engine (several weight categories).

LVW - Loaded Vehicle Weight, curb weight plus 300 pounds .

MDT - Medium Duty Truck categories based on weight as defined in the table.

MDV - Medium Duty Vehicle.

MHDE - Medium Heavy Duty Engine.

MY - Model Year.

NCP - Non Compliance Penalty.

OBD - On-Board Diagnostic.

ORVR - On - Board Refueling Vapor Recovery.

PC - Passenger Car.

SI - Sequential Injection.

SULEV - Super Ultra Low Emission Vehicle.

Tier 0 - California and Federal regulations effective prior to Tier 1 phase in dates.

Tier 1 - California regulations beginning in 1993 model year and Federal regulations beginning in 1994 model year.

TBI - Throttle Body Injection.

LEV - Low Emission Vehicle.

ZEV - Zero Emission Vehicle.

ULEV - Ultra Low Emission Vehicle.

ILEV - Inherently Low Emission Vehicle.