Your Vehicle: 2001 Ford Escort ZX2 L4-2.0L DOHC VIN 3
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Special Tool(s)


  1. Apply a thin coating of Premium Long-Life Grease XG-1-C or K or equivalent meeting Ford specification ESA-M1C75-13 to the spline of the input shaft.


  1. Secure the transaxle on Transmission Jack. Raise the transaxle to the proper height and position the transaxle to the engine.


  1. Install the middle transaxle to engine bolts.


  1. Install the lower transaxle to engine bolts.


  1. Install the clutch slave cylinder nuts.


  1. Install the lower clutch slave cylinder tube and connect the tube nut.


  1. Position the transaxle gearshift rod and clevis to the input shift shaft and install the transaxle gearshift bolt and transaxle gearshift rod nut.


  1. Install the gearshift stabilizer bar and support nut.
  2. Install the catalytic converter.


  1. Install the engine support crossmember.
  1. Install the bolts and nuts.
  2. Install the lower front insulator nuts.
  3. Install the lower rear insulator nuts and connect the A/C line.
  1. Install the halfshafts.
  2. Install the starter motor.


  1. Install the front upper transaxle to engine bolt.


  1. Install the rear upper transaxle to engine bolt.


  1. Install the LH engine support insulator nuts and washers.


  1. Remove Three-Bar Engine Support.


  1. Connect the park neutral position (PNP) switch connector.


  1. Install the electrical connector bracket and the bolt.


  1. Connect the backup lamp switch connector.


  1. Connect the heated oxygen sensor (HO2S) connector.


  1. Position the hydraulic clutch hose in the bracket and install the retaining clip.


  1. Connect the clutch slave cylinder tube nut to the hydraulic clutch hose.

Bleed the hydraulic system.


  1. Place a funnel into the vehicle speed sensor (VSS) hole.


  1. Add the specified transaxle fluid until the full level on the VSS is reached.


  1. Install the VSS and the bolt.


  1. Connect the VSS electrical connector.
  2. Install the battery tray.
  3. Check the system for normal operation.