Your Vehicle: 2001 Ford Escort ZX2 L4-2.0L DOHC VIN 3
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Front Suspension Components

The front strut and spring assemblies can be disassembled to replace any of the individual components. The LH or RH front strut and spring assemblies can be replaced independently.
The front suspension system can also be disassembled in order to replace the:

  • Front wheel knuckle.
  • Wheel hub.
  • Lug bolts.
  • Front wheel bearing.
  • Front disc brake rotor shields.
  • Front suspension lower arms.
  • Front suspension lower arm ball joints.
  • Front suspension lower arm mounting bolt bushings. All front stabilizer bar components can be replaced individually.

NOTE: New fasteners for suspension components must be used when old fasteners are loosened and/or removed or when suspension components are replaced.

All suspension mounting points are rubber insulated to minimize transfer of road noise and vibration to the vehicle body and interior. All front suspension components can be replaced individually.

Front Wheel Bearing and Hub

Front Suspension Component -- 1 Of 2

The front wheel bearing supports the wheel, front disc brake rotor and wheel hub. The front wheel bearing is pressed onto the wheel hub and pressed into the front wheel knuckle.

Front Suspension Component


The front suspension lower arm ball joint is the lower pivot point for front suspension and is corrected at the front wheel knuckle.