Your Vehicle: 2009 Nissan-Datsun Altima V6-3.5L (VQ35DE)
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  Precaution For Liquid Gasket  


Precaution for Liquid Gasket


  • After removing nuts and bolts, separate the mating surface, using Tool and remove old liquid gasket sealing.


Tool number : KV10111100 (J-37228)

Be careful not to damage the mating surfaces.

  • Tap (1) Tool to insert it, and then slide it (2) by tapping on the side as shown.
  • In areas where Tool is difficult to use, use plastic hammer to lightly tap the parts, to remove it.

If for some unavoidable reason suitable tool such as screwdriver is used, be careful not to damage the mating surfaces.


  1. Remove old liquid gasket adhering to the liquid gasket application surface and the mating surface, Using scraper.


  • Remove liquid gasket completely from the groove of the liquid gasket application surface, bolts, and bolt holes.
  1. Thoroughly clean the mating surfaces and remove adhering moisture, grease and foreign materials.


  1. Attach liquid gasket tube to Tool. Tool number : WS39930000 ( -- )

Use Genuine RTV Silicone Sealant or equivalent. Refer to See: Specifications\Fluid Types.

  1. Apply liquid gasket without breaks to the specified location with the specified dimensions.


  • If there is a groove for the liquid gasket application, apply liquid gasket to the groove.
  • As for the bolt holes, normally apply liquid gasket inside the holes. Occasionally, it should be applied outside the holes. Make sure to read the text.
  • Within five minutes of liquid gasket application, install the mating component.
  • If liquid gasket protrudes, wipe it off immediately.
  • Do not retighten nuts or bolts after the installation.
  • After 30 minutes or more have passed from the installation, fill engine oil and engine coolant.

If there are specific instructions in this manual, observe them.