Your Vehicle: 2009 Nissan-Datsun Altima V6-3.5L (VQ35DE)
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  Vehicle Damage Warnings  


Necessary for Steering Wheel Rotation After Battery Disconnect


  • Before removing and installing any control units, first turn the push-button ignition switch to the LOCK position, then disconnect both battery cables.
  • After finishing work, confirm that all control unit connectors are connected properly, then re-connect both battery cables.
  • Always use CONSULT-III to perform self-diagnosis as a part of each function Inspection after finishing work. If a DTC is detected, perform trouble diagnosis according to self-diagnosis results.

This vehicle is equipped with a push-button ignition switch and a steering lock unit.
If the battery is disconnected or discharged, the steering wheel will lock and cannot be turned.
If turning the steering wheel is required with the battery disconnected or discharged, follow the procedure below before starting the repair operation.


  1. Connect both battery cables.

Supply power using jumper cables if battery is discharged.

  1. Carry the Intelligent Key or insert it to the key slot and turn the push-button ignition switch to ACC position. (At this time, the steering lock will be released.)
  2. Disconnect both battery cables. The steering lock will remain released with both battery cables disconnected and the steering wheel can be turned.
  3. Perform the necessary repair operation.
  4. When the repair work is completed, re-connect both battery cables. With the brake pedal released, turn the push-button ignition switch from ACC position to ON position, then to LOCK position. (The steering wheel will lock when the push-button ignition switch is turned to LOCK position.)
  5. Perform self-diagnosis check of all control units using CONSULT-III.