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  Electrical - Starting/Charging/Battery Testing  

Classification: EL99-016V

Reference: NTB99-048V

Date: March 11, 2010


This bulletin has been amended. The Service Information has been updated. Please discard all earlier versions.

All Nissans including Altima Hybrid HEV* 12 volt battery

*For information on using this tool with Altima Hybrid 12 volt batteries, refer to NTB07-007.



The Midtronics GR-8 - Battery and Electrical Diagnostic Station is the factory-approved battery, starter, and alternator tester.

^ For warranty documentation purposes, as of September 30, 2008 the GR-8 is the only approved diagnostic tool for batteries, starters, and alternators.

^ Print-outs from this tester are required for claim reimbursements related to batteries, starters, and/or alternators.

^ For additional information regarding claims reimbursements, refer to the current Nissan Assurance Products Resource Manual.

^ For the complete GR-8 User Guide, refer to ASIST - TOOLS & EQUIPMENT.

^ Additional tools and replacement parts can be ordered from TECH-MATE.

^ This essential tool was shipped to your dealership and invoiced to your Nissan Non-Vehicle account in three equal installments of $641.00 (plus applicable taxes) in accordance with your dealer agreement with Nissan North America, Inc. This price includes both the GR8-1200-NI and the EXP-800-NI shipped in April 2008.

Nissan vehicles equipped with standard lead/acid batteries use one of two different types with unique battery rating specifications: JIS & CCA.

JIS = Japan Industrial Standard, used for Japan produced batteries
CCA = Cold Cranking Amps, standard for North American produced batteries

^ JIS batteries have different testing specifications than CCA batteries.

^ If you must use the GR-8 Battery Tester in a mode other than MODEL mode, JIS Mode MUST ALWAYS BE USED for JIS batteries otherwise an incorrect result will occur. NEVER test a JIS battery using the CCA test in the GR-8; the test software in the GR-8 is different for JIS and CCA modes. ANY CCA value you may have for a JIS-type battery is inaccurate for testing purposes.

^ ALWAYS test with the GR-8 using the MODEL mode (if available).


^ Selecting MODEL and vehicle type will automatically select the proper JIS or CCA value for the Original Equipment battery.

^ If the applicable vehicle is not listed, update the GR-8 to make sure it has the most recent data package. (1)

(1) To run the Midtronics Update Wizard for the GR-8 tester in CONSULT III:

^ Make sure the cables from the GR-8 to the multitasker are connected and both units are turned on.

^ Click on the ASIST icon.

^ Click on INFO. Tool Box.

^ Select Midtronics GR-8.

^ Midtronics Update Wizard file screen displays.

^ Click on Change MUP File.

^ The Select a MUP file window displays with the path: C:\ProgramFiles\Midtronics\MUW.

^ Select 192-725C and click OK.

^ Click on next and follow the prompts on the Midtronics Update Wizard screen.

If the applicable vehicle still is not listed:

1) Determine which type of battery (CCA or JIS) is installed in the vehicle. See below for descriptions of each battery.

2) Select CCA or JIS in the GR-8 based on the type of battery installed. See below for more information.

Determine the Battery Type

Batteries with JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard) Number


^ Batteries installed in vehicles produced in Japan have a JIS number embossed in the plastic on top of the battery.

^ These vehicles have a VIN that begins with the letter "J".

Batteries with CCA (Cold Cranking Amps) Number


^ Batteries installed in vehicles produced in North America have a CCA number displayed on the label attached to the top of the battery.

^ These vehicles have a VIN that begins with a number: 1, 3, or 5.

Selecting CCA or JIS in the GR-8 Battery Tester

Vehicles with JIS Battery

^ Select JIS, then choose the option that matches the first five (5) characters of the JIS number on the battery.

DO NOT select CCA when testing a JIS battery.

Vehicles with CCA Battery

^ Select CCA, then choose the option that matches the number following "Cold Cranking Amps" on the battery.

Reference Material

The following information can be printed and attached to the GR-8, if needed.