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  Cooling System - Long Life Coolant Information  

Classification: EM09-001A

Reference: NTB09-040A

Date: May 14, 2010


This bulletin has been amended. The Service Information has been updated. Please discard previous versions of this bulletin.


In calendar year 2009, Nissan began filling some vehicles at the factory with a NEW Nissan Long Life Antifreeze/Coolant (LLC) that is blue in color.

NOTE: LLC = Long Life Antifreeze/Coolant

The transition to this new Blue LLC continued though MY 2010. Beginning with MY 2011, all Nissan vehicles are filled at the factory with the Blue LLC.

^ MY 2009 and 2010: Some vehicles are filled at the factory with Blue LLC.

^ MY 2011: All vehicles are filled at the factory with Blue LLC.

Blue LLC is designed to have a service life of 7 years/105,000 miles for the factory fill, and 5 years/75,000 miles for subsequent replacement fills.

Nissan Blue Super LLC is available through the Nissan Direct Ship Chemical Care Product Program, Website order link via dealer portal or order direct


^ Blue LLC one gallon pre-diluted: P/N 999MP - LP25500P

> The one gallon containers are pre-diluted with 50% antifreeze and 50% distilled water.

> Do not add additional water when using pre-diluted Blue LLC.


^ Blue LLC one quart concentrate: P/N 999MP - L255QTP

> The one quart concentrate containers are intended for extreme cold weather application.

> Use the concentrate without mixing (do not add water).

> Add directly to the cooling system in specific amounts as directed on the container label.

Additional Information for using Blue LLC

Blue LLC and Green-colored Nissan LLC (P/N 999MP-AF000P) are compatible with each other:

^ Blue can be mixed/added with Green

^ Green can be mixed/added with Blue

^ Adding Green LLC to Blue LLC will reduce/shorten the life expectancy of the Blue LLC to that of the Green LLC (4 years / 60,000 miles).

^ LLC must always be used with demineralized or distilled water, otherwise the life expectancy of the LLC (Blue or Green) will be degraded and cooling system damage may occur.