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  ABS/TCS - CAN Diagnostic Information  

Classification: BR10-011

Reference: NTB10-145

Date: December 15, 2010


APPLIED VEHICLES: All 2005-2011 Nissan vehicles with ABS and/or VDC


When diagnosing a vehicle with an ABS or VDC / SLIP warning light on with DTCs stored in the ABS / VDC actuator control unit, perform DTC diagnosis first.

^ Do not replace the ABS / VDC actuator control unit without being supported by the DTC diagnosis.

^ Do not erase DTCs before performing DTC diagnosis.

^ Always fully diagnose before performing any repairs.

When DTC U1000 (CAN COMM CIRCUIT) is the only DTC stored in the ABS / VDC actuator control unit, use the REPAIR FLOW CHART below. This will assist in proper diagnosis results and repairs in addition to using diagnostic information in the Electronic Service Manual (ESM).

^ If DTC U1000 is found stored in other systems, refer to NIB10-066 and the applicable ESM.

^ If other DTCs are found stored in ABS / VDC along with U1000, follow the diagnosis steps for those DTCs in the applicable ESM.


Refer to the current Nissan Warranty Flat Rate Manual and use the appropriate claims coding for repairs performed.


Repair Flow Chart