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  Body - Power Window 'Auto Up' Inoperative  

Classification: EL06-008F

Reference: NTB06-065F

Date: November 8, 2010


This bulletin has been amended. The APPLIED VEHICLES section has been revised. No other changes have been made. Please discard all previous versions of this bulletin.

APPLIED VEHICLES: 2009 2011 370Z Coupe (Z34)
                  2007-2011 Altima Sedan and Hybrid (L32 and L32HV)
                  2008-2011 Altima Coupe (CL32)
                  2009-2011 Maxima (A35)
                  2009-2011 Murano (Z51)
                  2008-2011 Rogue (535)
                  2007-2011 Sentra (B16)
                  2007-2011 Versa (C11)


A power window "Auto Up" will not work.


Perform the following initialization procedure:

1. Close the door.

2. Turn the ignition switch ON.

3. Open the window-all the way DOWN.

4. Pull all the way UP on the switch and hold (close the window).

^ Continue holding the switch all the way UP for 4 seconds after the window is closed.

5. Confirm the window is now operating correctly.

^ If the window is still not operating correctly, refer to ASIST and the Service Manual for further diagnosis and repair information.

^ The above initialization procedure must be performed if any of the following occur:

> Battery cable is disconnected.

> Power window switch connector is disconnected.

> Power window regulator is replaced.

> Power window motor is replaced.

> Window glass is removed.

> Window glass run rubber is replaced.

> Power window fuse is blown.

> Window is partly opened and/or closed many times without being fully closed.