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  Entertainment Systems - CD And DVD Player Concerns  


February 15, 2013


This bulletin has been amended to include current vehicles. No other changes have been made.
Please discard all previous versions.

All Nissan Vehicles with an Audio Compact Disc (CD) Player or Digital Video Disc (DVD) Player


If a CD/DVD Player incident is noted, a possible cause may be improper CD/DVD disc care, condition, or usage. This bulletin provides updated CD/DVD Player operation instructions to avoid potential incidents/customer concerns caused by improper care and usage of CD/DVD discs.

To aid in solving customer concerns, use the following guidelines when speaking to customers or inspecting incident vehicles.


^ Customers must not use discs that are warped, scratched, chipped, cracked, have abnormal edges or are otherwise damaged (see Figures 1 and 2). Damaged or poor condition discs may cause the Player internal mechanism to jam or have optical pick-up errors.

NOTE :Do not make a Warranty claim against a Player that will not play damaged or poor condition discs as described in this Bulletin.

^ Instruct the customer to handle discs carefully when inserting/removing them from the Player. Hold them by the edges and do not bend them. Always place them in the storage case when they are not being used (played). This will ensure that discs stay in top working order.

^ Customers must not use discs with adhesive labels. The label will loosen or peel and this can jam the Player.


^ Ensure that the customer only uses audio CDs that have the "Compact Disc Digital Audio" insignia on them (see Figure 3). The audio CD Player was designed to use CDs that meet this design standard. Lower quality CDs may not function properly in the audio CD Player.

^ Inform the customer that this information and additional disc care and cleaning instructions may be found in all Nissan Owner's Manuals.