Your Vehicle: 2009 Nissan-Datsun Altima V6-3.5L (VQ35DE)
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Inspection and Adjustment


  1. Inspect the brake pedal height (H) and brake pedal full stroke (S) from the floor using Tool at a 90 angle to the floor.

Tool number : - (J-46532)

  1. Adjust the brake pedal height to specifications.




  1. Loosen the stop lamp switch and ASCD cancel switch by turning it counterclockwise by 45.
  2. Loosen lock nut (A) on the input rod, then turn input rod to adjust the brake pedal height to specification, and tighten lock nut (A).

Make sure the threaded end of input rod stays inside clevis.

  1. With the pedal pulled up and held by hand, press the stop lamp switch and ASCD cancel switch until the threaded end contacts the stopper.
  2. With the threaded end of the stop lamp switch and ASCD cancel switch contacting the bracket, rotate the switch clockwise by 45 to secure.


Make sure that the clearance (C) between bracket and end of stop lamp switch and brake switch is within the standard. Refer to "Inspection and Adjustment".

  1. Check the brake pedal for smooth operation.

Make sure that stop lamps are off when the brake pedal is released.

  1. Start the engine to check brake pedal depressed height. Refer to "Inspection and Adjustment".