Your Vehicle: 2009 Nissan-Datsun Altima V6-3.5L (VQ35DE)
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  Interior - Driver's Seatback Recline Motor Inoperative  

Classification: BT09-021

Reference: NTB09-068

Date: July 30, 2009


APPLIED VEHICLES: 2008-2009 Altima Coupe (CL32)


The driver's seatback recline motor is inoperative.


There is power and ground to the motor when the switch is operated.


There is a grinding noise when operating the seatback recline motor.


Install a new recliner assembly only.

Do Not replace the entire seat assembly for this incident, if it should occur.





The purpose of "ACTION" (above) is to give you a quick idea of the work you will be performing. You MUST closely follow the entire Service Procedure as it contains information that is essential to successfully completing this repair.


If possible, adjust the seatback to the normal seated position before removing seat.


1. Write down all radio station presets.

2. Disconnect both battery cables (negative cable first).

^ Wait at least 3 minutes after battery cables are disconnected before disconnecting any components.

3. Remove the driver seat assembly. Refer to the appropriate section in the Electronic Service Manual (ESM) for removal procedure.


4. Remove the seat outer finisher (3):

a. Remove the seat switch levers (1).

b. Remove the lumbar handle (2).

c. Remove the seat switch assembly from the outer finisher and disconnect it from the harness.


5. Release the seat cushion inner J channel (1).

The side airbag is located on the left side of the seatback. Be careful when laying the seat on its left side.


6. Remove the inner finisher (1).

7. Remove the seatback board.

The side airbag is located on the left side of the seatback. Be careful not to damage the side airbag.


8. Release the seatback trim J clips (1).


9. Remove the screws (A), the tie wraps (B) and the lumbar support actuator (1).

10. Disconnect the seat wiring harness from the seatback and seat cushion

^ Disconnect the harness from the following:

> Side air bag

> Heater (if equipped)

> Seatback tilt sensor

> Seatback tilt motor

11. Unhook the seatback trim hook and loop flaps.


12. Disconnect the EZ-entry cables (1) from the inner and outer locations (inner shown).


13. Remove the bolts (A) and the seatback assembly (1) including the recliner device from the seat cushion assembly.

Be careful not to damage the side airbag.


14. Remove the bolts (A) and the recliner device (1) from the seatback frame.

Be careful not to damage the side airbag.

15. Remove the front seat harness.

16. Install the new front seat harness.

17. Install the new recliner assembly.

^ Torque the 4 reclining seat bolts 45 Nm to 55 Nm (33.19 lb ft to 41 lb ft)

18. Install remaining components in reverse order of removal.

Reference the correct section and chapter of the ESM for the correct torque and torque sequence when installing the seat.

19. Reconnect the battery cables (positive cable first).

20. Reset the clock and radio station presets.

21. Reinitialize the power windows and sunroof as applicable. See the Owner's Manual, Instruments and Controls, for details.

22. Make sure the power seat and air bag light are functioning properly before returning the vehicle to the customer.