Your Vehicle: 2009 Nissan-Datsun Altima V6-3.5L (VQ35DE)
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  Removal And Installation For Rear Defrost- Sedan  


Removal and Installation - Sedan


  1. Remove the rear seat cushion and the rear seatback. Refer to See: Body and Frame\Seats\Service and Repair\Removal and Replacement\Rear Seat\Removal And Installation\Sedan.
  2. Remove the rear kicking plate, rear wheel well garnish and the rear pillar finisher. Refer to See: Body and Frame\Interior Moulding / Trim\Trim Panel\Service and Repair\Removal And Installation\Sedan.


  1. Disconnect the electrical connector, remove bolt (A), and then remove condenser (1) from the vehicle body.

Installation is in the reverse order of removal.