Your Vehicle: 2009 Nissan-Datsun Altima V6-3.5L (VQ35DE)
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  Body/Instruments - Fixed Door Mirror Wind Noise  

Classification: BT09-025

Reference: NTB10-040

Date: March 15, 2010


2007-2010 Altima Sedan (L32) with fixed door mirrors only
2008-2010 Altima Coupe (CL32) with fixed door mirrors only
2007-2010 Altima Hybrid (L32HV) with fixed door mirrors only


A wind noise is coming from either fixed door mirror.

^ To determine the mirror(so) are the source of the noise, refer to Step 1 in the SERVICE PROCEDURE section of this bulletin.


Apply tape along the lower gap between the door mirror housing (mirror) and door mirror shell (cover).

^ Refer to Step 2 in the SERVICE PROCEDURE section of this bulletin for repair procedure.

^ Use the parts supplied in the Tape Kit listed in the PARTS INFORMATION section of this bulletin.

^ The mirrors do not need to be removed for this repair.

Do NOT replace the mirrors for this incident, if it should occur.

The purpose of ACTION (above) is to give you a quick idea of the work you will be performing. You MUST closely follow the entire SERVICE PROCEDURE as it contains information that is essential to successfully completing this repair.






Tape Kit


1. To determine if the door mirrors are the source of the wind noise, perform the following:


^ Apply "painter's tape" or suitable covering along the gap of the door mirror housing (mirror) and door mirror shell (cover). Figure 1 shows the gap to be covered.

^ If the noise is reduced during a test drive, this bulletin applies. Continue to Step 2 for repair procedure.

^ If the noise does not change, this bulletin does not apply. Refer to the appropriate section of the Electronic Service Manual (ISM) for further assistance.

2. Clean the surface with 3M(TM) Adhesion Promoter (listed in the PARTS INFORMATION section shown below) or suitable cleaner where the tape from the Tape Kit is to be applied (see Figure 1).

^ Make sure your hands are clean before starting this repair.

^ It is recommended to start with the passenger side door mirror.


3. Hold up the tape (with its backing still on) where it will adhere to the mirror (see Figure 2).

^ Set the tape by aligning its center line along the gap between the mirror and cover.

^ This will help give you an idea where the tape will be located before actually sticking it on.

^ Make note where the end closest to the body is situated (see Figure 2).


4. Remove the upper backing from the tape as shown in Figure 3.

^ Carefully hold the tape end closest to the body, and at the area where the tape starts to bend (see Figure 3).

^ Let the "short" end droop down at this time (see Figure 3).


5. While keeping the tape taut (no drooping between holds), apply the tape while aligning its center line with the gap (see Figure 4).

^ Use the backing edge as the centerline (see Figure 4).

^ At the same time, locate the end closest to the body as noted in Step 3 and Figure 2.


6. Smooth out the section of the tape between the "body" end and curve (see Figure 5).

^ Start at the "body" end, working toward the curve (see Figure 5).

7. Remove the second backing. See Figure 5 above.


8. Smooth out the rest of the tape (see Figure 6).

^ Start with the center line at the curve, going away from the body.

^ Finish smoothing out the remaining sections.

^ Use a flexible plastic spatula or suitable tool to smooth out the wrinkles.

9. Make sure to perform this repair on both mirrors.

10. Road test the vehicle to verify if the incident has been reduced.