Your Vehicle: 2009 Nissan-Datsun Altima V6-3.5L (VQ35DE)
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  Side Air Bag (Satellite) Sensor  


Removal and Installation

Sedan Models


Coupe Models



  • Before servicing, turn ignition switch OFF, disconnect both battery terminals and wait at least three minutes.
  • Do not use air tools or electric tools for servicing.
  • Do not use old fixing nuts after removal; replace with new nuts.
  • Do not cause impact to the side air bag (satellite) sensor by dropping etc. Replace the side air bag (satellite) sensor if it has been dropped or sustained an impact.
  • Replace the satellite sensor of deployed SRS front side air bag and deployed SRS side curtain air bag.
  1. Disconnect the negative and positive battery terminals, then wait at least three minutes.
  2. Remove the front seat belt retractor. Refer to See: Restraints and Safety Systems\Seat Belt Systems\Seat Belt\Service and Repair\Removal and Replacement\Front Seat Belt\Removal And Installation.
  3. Disconnect the side air bag (satellite) sensor harness connector.
  4. Remove the nuts, then remove side air bag (satellite) sensor.

Installation is in the reverse order of removal.