Your Vehicle: 2001 Ford Escort ZX2 L4-2.0L DOHC VIN 3
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Heating and Air Conditioning Components

Accumulator HVAC
Air Conditioning Switch
Air Door
Air Duct
Air Register
Blower Motor
Blower Motor Relay
Blower Motor Resistor
Blower Motor Switch
Cabin Air Filter / Purifier
Compressor Clutch Relay
Compressor Fitting HVAC
Compressor HVAC
Condenser HVAC
Control Assembly
Control Module HVAC
Coupler HVAC
Evaporator Case
Evaporator Core
Expansion Block/Orifice Tube
Expansion Valve
Heater Core
Heater Core Case
Heater Hose
High Pressure Safety Valve HVAC
Hose/Line HVAC
Housing Assembly HVAC
Receiver Dryer
Refrigerant Oil
Refrigerant Pressure Sensor / Switch

Relays and Modules - HVAC

Sensors and Switches - HVAC

Service Port HVAC
Vacuum Harness HVAC
Vacuum Reservoir HVAC
Heating and Air Conditioning Information
Technical Service Bulletins
Description and Operation
Testing and Inspection
Service and Repair
Parts and Labor
Service Precautions
Tools and Equipment