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Jim Grant Tech Tips Jim Grant Tech Tips
A collection of helpful articles based on reader submissions
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  Jim Grant's Tech TipsJim Grant's Tech Tips
Below is a collection of Jim Grant's Tech Tips sorted by Vehicle Make. These Tech Tips were answers to questions submitted to Jim by users over the course of many years.
If you have any questions, please feel free to email us.



Lincoln - Mercury
03 Toyota Corolla, The Worst Mistake of My Life
02 Toyota Corolla CE, High Volume Oil Consumption
01 Toyota Corolla, Emission Code P0420
00 Toyota Tundra, Brake Shimmy
00 Toyota Camry SE, Water Pump Failure & Bad Timing
00 Toyota Camry LE, Gas Filling Problem
00 Toyota 4 Runner, Short Trip Service Recommendations
99 Toyota Camry, Early Tire Wear
99 Toyota Camry LE, Cold Stalling
98 Toyota Corolla, No Insurance Relay
98 Toyota Camry, Evaporative Code
98 Toyota Camry, Cause of P1133
98 Toyota 4-Runner, Morning Sickness
98 Toyota 4Runner, Check Engine Light
97 Toyota Tercel, Replacement Engine
97 Toyota Corolla, Phantom Brake Grind
97 Toyota Celica, Wheres the Speedo Cable?
96 Toyota Corolla, Tight Fitting Wheel
96 Camry, A/C Bad Odor
95 Toyota Previa, Missing Intake Air Temperature Sensor
95 Toyota Corolla, Radial Pull or Tire Leading
95 Toyota Camry LE, Many ABS Sensors?
95 Toyota 4Runner, Service Engine Soon Light
95 Toyota 4-Runner, Rough Cold Weather Idle
94 Toyota Supra TT, Big Time Smoke Screen
94 Toyota Pickup 4x4, Disappearing Clutch
94 Toyota Pick-up 4x4, BIG problems??
94 Toyota Corolla, Starting Problem
94 Toyota Camry, Oil Pan and CV boot Problems
93 Toyota Corolla, Water Pump Replacement
92 Toyota Tercel, Engine Problems
92 Toyota Pick up, Hard Starting
92 Toyota 4x4 22RE, No Idle and Stalling
91 Toyoto Camry, No Start With Headlights On
91 Toyota, Power Steering Oil
91 Toyota Corolla, Pressure Control Valve Question
91 Toyota Corolla
91 Toyota Carina, Heavy Steering
91 Toyota Camry, Low Mileage Prospect
91 Toyota Camry DX, Slow Take Off
90 Toyota Corolla, Brake Fluid Leak Inside the Car
90 Toyota Celica, Air Bag Warning Light
90 Toyota Celica GTS, No parking Lights
90 Toyota Celica 2.2 DOHC, Rough Idle Problem
90 Toyota Camry, Stalling Problem
90 Toyota Camry LE, Extremely Frustrating Start
89 Toyota Supra Turbo, No Electrical Power
88 Toyota Supra, Variable Brakes
88 Toyota Pick-up, Automatic Transmission Problem
88 Toyota Corolla, Bent Something
85 Toyota Wagon, Where’s the Fuel Pump
01 Toyota Corolla, Emission Code P0420

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