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Jim Grant Tech Tips Jim Grant Tech Tips
A collection of helpful articles based on reader submissions
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  Jim Grant's Tech TipsJim Grant's Tech Tips
Below is a collection of Jim Grant's Tech Tips sorted by Vehicle Make. These Tech Tips were answers to questions submitted to Jim by users over the course of many years.
If you have any questions, please feel free to email us.



Lincoln - Mercury
GM fuel pump eater
GM Diesel, Anti-freeze In The Oil
GM Anti Lock Brake Recall
Chevy, Oil Burning 454
Chevy Silverado, Propane Back-fire
Chevy S-10, Oil in the Air Cleaner
Chevy Blazer, Oil Leak Sealer
Chevy Astro, Original Fuel Pump
Cavalier transmission problem
03 Chevy Trailblazer, Musty A/C
03 Chevy Silverado, High Speed Speedo
02 Chevy Suburban, Brake Recall
02 Chevy Silverado, Brake Eater
02 Chevy S-10, Clutch Assembly Issues
01 Chevy Venture, Wipers in the Wrong Parking Space
01 Chevy Venture, ABS & Traction Control Warning Light
01 Chevy Tahoe, None Stop ABS Pump
01 Chevy Suburban, Oil Consumption
01 Chevy Suburban, No Power Steering
01 Chevy Suburban, Front End Shake
01 Chevy Cavalier, Cuts Out With A Lot of New Parts
00 Silverado 4WD Shake
00 Chevy Venture, Stuck Wipers
00 Chevy Tahoe, Suspension Click
00 Chevy Silverado, Steering Wheel Bump
00 Chevy Cavalier, Shorting Fan Motor
00 Chevy Cavalier Z-24, No Headlights
00 Chevy Cavalier Z-24, No Headlights
00 Camaro, Service Engine Soon
99 Chevy Tahoe LT, AM Radio Noise
99 Chevy Silverado, Buzzing Noise and ABS Light Update
99 Chevy Silverado, ABS problem
99 Chevy Silverado, ABS Light and Buzzing Noise
99 Chevy Silverado P/U, Engine Knock When Cold
99 Chevy Prizm
99 Chevy Malibu, Air Bag Replacement
99 Chevy Blazer, No Keyless Entry
99 Chevy Astro, Loose Gas Cap Code
98 Chevy Suburban, Steering Wheel Grab
98 Chevy Silverado, Fuel Pump Problems
98 Chevy S-10, Overheating Transmission
98 Chevy S-10 Blazer, Gas Tank Pop
98 Chevy Malibu, Rotor Problems
98 Chevy Blazer, Wild Temperature Gauge
98 Chevy Blazer, Wild Temperature Gauge
98 Chevy Blazer, Sticky Gas Pedal
98 Chevy Blazer, Shuts Itself Off
98 Chevy Blazer, Leaking Oil Cooler Lines
98 Chevy Astro Van, Sticking Accelerator Pedal
97 Chevy Venture, Air Bag Light
97 Chevy Tahoe, Resetting Service Engine Soon Light
97 Chevy Suburban 1500, Steering Drift
97 Chevy Silverado, Squeaking Belt
97 Chevy Silverado, Brake Pulsation
97 Chevy S-10, Directional Switch Location
97 Chevy S10, Brake Drag Problems
97 Chevy Cavalier, More Wet Misfire Problems
97 Chevy Cavalier, Locked Out of Radio & CD Player
97 Chevy Cavalier, Backend Rattle
97 Chevy Astro, No Injector Pulse
97 Chevrolet Venture, Dead Turn Signal
97 Chevrolet Malibu, Broken Air Bag
96-97 Chevy Suburbans, Good Bad or Indifferent
96 Chevy Suburban, Massive Oil Consumption
96 Chevy Silverado, Intake Manifold Leak
96 Chevy Lumina Van, A/C Knock
96 Chevy Cavalier, No Left Side High Beam
96 Chevy Caprice, Idle Speed Problems
96 Chevy C1500, Trouble Codes
96 Chevy Blazer, Leaking Oil Cooler Lines
96 Chevy Astro, Check Engine Light and Plugged Exhaust
95 Chevy Tahoe, Heater Blowing Cold Air
95 Chevy S-10, Wont Run
95 Chevy Pick-up, Rear End Whine
95 Chevy Lumina, Missed a Turn
95 Chevy Lumina, Coolant Temperature
95 Chevy K1500, High Speed Only Blower Fan
95 Chevy Impala, Plugged PCV System
95 Chevy Impala, Cold Exhaust Leaks
95 Chevy Cavalier, Wet Running Problems
95 Chevy Camaro, Warning Lights On
95 Blazer, Surprise Brake Pedal Loss
95 Blazer S/T, Oxygen Sensor Grief.
94 Chevy S-Blazer, ABS Blues
94 Chevy S10 Blazer, Fuel Smell
94 Chevy Pick-up, Water Pump Shock
94 Chevy P/U, Fuel Filter Problems & Fires
94 Chevy Lumina, No Cruise or Heater Controls
94 Chevy Lumina APV, Changing Spark Plugs
94 Chevy K3500 Pickup; Chunks falling Out
94 Chevy Cavalier, Heater Core Drain
94 Chevrolet Suburban, Brake Shake
93 Chevy Silverado, Radiator Hairline Leak
93 Chevy Silverado, Fan Only Works on High
93 Chevy Lumina, Brake Woes and Support Groups
93 Chevy Corsica, ABS Problems
93 Chevy Cavalier, Fatal Fluids?
93 Chevy Blazer, Running Lean
93 Chevy Blazer 4.3 Vortec, Leaking Fuel Injection System
92 Chevy Silverado, Starter Problem?
92 Chevy Lumina Z-34, Learning to Idle
92 Chevy Lumina Euro, No Head Lights
92 Chevy Corsica, Overheating Problems
92 Chevy Corsica, Injector Replacement
92 Chevy Cavalier, Steering Wheel Shake
92 Chevy Cavalier, No Heat
92 Chevy Blazer, Foreign Objects
92 Chevy Astro, Overheating Transmission
92 Chevy Astro - No Power when you turn the key
91 Chevy Lumina, Alternators for Breakfast
91 Chevy Cavalier, No Start Parts Drain
91 Chevy Blazer, Dash Lights
91 Chevy Blazer S10, Stop Leak Additive
91 Chevy Blazer S-10, Electrical Problem
91 Chevy Beretta, Belts Screech
90 Corvette, Air Bag Fuse
90 Chevy S10, Sub-Zero Greasing & Urban Folklore
90 Chevy S-10 Blazer, Rear Axle Seal
90 Chevy Pick-up, Exhaust Smoke and Service Engine Soon Light
90 Chevy Lumina, Transmission Just loses It
90 Chevy Lumina, Stalling Problem
90 Chevy Lumina APV, Belt Tensioner vs. Harmonic Balancer
90 Chevy Corvette, Air Bag & Seat Belt Warning Light
90 Chevy Cavalier, Engine Knock
90 Chevy Beretta, Stalling Problems
90 Chevy Beretta, stalling
89, Chevy Pick-up, Water in the Transmission and Oil Coolers
89 Chevy S10, Distributor Problem
89 Chevy Cavalier Z24, No Reverse
89 Chevy C10, Soft Brakes
88 Chevy S-10 Blazer, Distributor Problems
88 Chevy Nova, Noisy Speed-O-Cable
88 Chevy Blazer, Light Throttle Chugging
88 Chevy Berretta, Short Trip car
88 Chevy Astro, Electrical Woes and A/C problems
88 Chevy Astro Van, Service Engine Soon Light
87 Chevy Pick-up, Fuel Pump Problems
87 Chevy Astro, Power Window Problems
87 Chevy Astro, Door Lock Relay
86 Chevy Truck, Sticking Accelerator
86 Chevy Suburban, Oil in the coolant
86 Chevy Pickup, Spineless Snow Plow
86 Chevy Celebrity Wagon, No Brake Lights
86 Chevy Astro, Power Door Lock Problems
86 Blazer, Warm-up Times
85 Chevrolet Caprice Classic, Carburetor Leak Down
82 Chevy Van, Charging System Question
79 Chevy Chevette, Maintenance Free?
78 Chevy Camaro, Rocker Arm Torque Spec.
72 Chevy Z28, Smoking Front Brakes
70 Chevy Chevelle, Brake problems
53 Chevy Pick-Up, Cloned Caprice

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