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Jim Grant Tech Tips Jim Grant Tech Tips
A collection of helpful articles based on reader submissions
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  Jim Grant's Tech TipsJim Grant's Tech Tips
Below is a collection of Jim Grant's Tech Tips sorted by Vehicle Make. These Tech Tips were answers to questions submitted to Jim by users over the course of many years.
If you have any questions, please feel free to email us.



Lincoln - Mercury
Plymouth/Dodge, No Real Difference
Plymouth Voyager, Heater Problem
Dodge Truck, Synthetic Oil Use
Dodge Dynasty, Smoking Front Tire
A Caravan of Lemons
02 Dodge Neon, Steering Wheel Click
01 Dodge Ram3500, Transmission Problems
01 Dodge Ram, Odd Gas additive
00 Plymouth Voyager, Click, Bang & Pop
00 Dodge Ram, Front Suspension Shake
00 Dodge Ram Diesel, Starter Fuse
00 Dodge Neon, Fuel Shut Off Switch
00 Dodge Neon, Brake Squeals and water Leaks
00 Dodge Neon, Brake Spring Picture
00 Dodge Intrepid, Code Descriptions
00 Dodge Grand Caravan, Blower Motor Fun
00 Dodge Durango, Over Seas P-Codes
00 Dodge Dakota, Check Engine Light Code P0442
00 Dodge Neon, Brake to the Floor
99 Plymouth Breeze, Rusted Shut Trunk
99 Dodge Ram, Cycling A/C system
99 Dodge Ram 2500 Diesel, Brake pull, Band-Aids and BS
99 Dodge Dakota, Tapping Engine Problems
98 Plymouth Voyager, Vehicle Fire
98 Plymouth Voyager, Body Control Module
98 Plymouth Breeze, Uneven Brake Pad Wear
98 Dodge Ram, Loose Steering
98 Dodge Intrepid, No Start When Hot
98 Dodge Caravan, Costly Valve Cover Gasket
98 Dodge Caravan, Cooling Fan Wont Shut Off
97 Plymouth Voyager, No Mileage Display
97 Dodge Stratus, Smoking Brake
97 Dodge Ram 1500, 4x4 Problems
97 Dodge Ram 1500, 4-Wheel Grind
97 Dodge Neon, Temperature Problems
97 Dodge Neon, Fan Runs All The Time
97 Dodge Neon, Cooling Fan Sensor
97 Dodge Intrepid, Steering Problems
97 Dodge Intrepid, Check Engine Light
97 Dodge Intrepid Transmission, No Reverse
97 Dodge Intrepid 3.5
97 Dodge Dakota, Spark Knock
97 Dodge Dakota, No Instrument Cluster
97 Dodge Dakota, Check Engine Light
97 Dodge Caravan, No Horn, Cruise control and Air Bag Warning Light
97 Dodge Caravan, Ghostly Wipers
97 Dodge Caravan, Electronic Fuel Injection Enhancer
97 Dodge Caravan, 2 Second Run Time
96 Plymouth Voyager, Timing Belt Replacement
96 Plymouth Voyager, Dropped Dead
96 Plymouth Grand Voyager, Gas Smell From Heater
96 Plymouth Caravan, Interference Engine?
96 Dodge Ram 2500 4x4, Wheel Wobble
96 Dodge Pick-Up, Cafe Latte Crankcase
96 Dodge Dakota, 40 MPH Engine Shake
96 Dodge Caravan, Service Engine Soon Light
96 Dodge Caravan, Front End Rattle
96 Dodge Caravan, Clock Spring
96 Dodge Caravan, Blower Motor Wont Shut Off
96 Dodge 4wd, Luke Warm Heat
95 Plymouth Neon, Suspicious Oil Disappearance
95 Dodge Stratus, Intermittent A/C
95 Dodge Ram 1500, Rebuilt Transmission Fluid Leaks
95 Dodge Neon, Check Engine Light On after Bath
95 Dodge Intrepid, Self Activating Car Alarm
94 Plymouth Voyager, Strange Wheel Movement
94 Dodge Ram Pickup, ABS Brake Job Problems
94 Dodge Intrepid, Overheating Death Trap
94 Dodge Dakota, Crankcase Sludge
93 Plymouth Acclaim, Unreliable
93 Dodge Intrepid, Mindless Heater Control
93 Dodge Intrepid, Coolant Leak
93 Dodge Grand Caravan, Transmission or Engine Problems?
92 Dodge Grand Caravan, Fuel Pump Replacement Schedule
92 Dodge Dakota, Stalling Problems
92 Dodge Caravan, Overheating Problems
91 Plymouth Voyager, Wheel Wobble 319
91 Plymouth Grand Voyager, Body Control Module Wipers?
91 Plymouth Acclaim, Steering Wheel Vibrating
91 Plymouth Acclaim, Smoke Screen on Start-up
91 Dodge Caravan, Speedometer Jumps
91 Dodge Caravan, Gas Gauge Blues
90 Plymouth Voyager, Sliding Door Wont Open
90 Plymouth Voyager, Fuel Pressure Test
90 Plymouth Sundance, Bad Gas Mileage
90 Dodge Spirit, Faulty Temperature Gauge and Warning Light
90 Dodge Pick-up, Front Brake Lock-up
90 Dodge Grand Caravan, Random Spitting & Sputtering
89 Plymouth Voyager, High Oil Pressure
89 Dodge Spirit, No Oil Pressure
89 Dodge Omni, Squealing Like a Pig
88 Dodge Mini Ram Van, Battery Problems
88 Dodge Caravan, Stalling
88 Dodge Caravan, Brake Noise
87 Plymouth Voyager, Front Brake Lock-up
85 Plymouth Voyager, Transaxle Bearing Replacement

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