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Jim Grant Tech Tips Jim Grant Tech Tips
A collection of helpful articles based on reader submissions
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  Jim Grant's Tech TipsJim Grant's Tech Tips
Below is a collection of Jim Grant's Tech Tips sorted by Vehicle Make. These Tech Tips were answers to questions submitted to Jim by users over the course of many years.
If you have any questions, please feel free to email us.



Lincoln - Mercury
Ford, Check Engine Light
Ford, Air Bag Light Flashes 52
Ford Windstar, Voided Transmission Warranty
Ford F150, Rear Brake Repair
Ford F-150, No Brake Lights
Ford F150, Airbag Light Flashing
Ford Aerostar, Check Engine Light On
Ford Aerostar, Bad Cam Sensor?
Ford Aerostar Heater
04 Ford F-150, Salvaged with Air Bags
03 Ford, Checking Transmission Oil
02 Ford Mustang Convertible, Gas Smell
02 Ford Explorer, Sealed Transmission
01 Ford Ranger, Tire Cupping
01 Ford Ranger 4x4, EGR Code Problems
01 Ford Focus, Ventilation Woes
01 Ford Escort ZX2, Serpentine Belt Failures
01 Ford Escape, Transmission Shutter
00 Ford Windstar, Popping & Clunking Front-end
00 Ford Taurus, Check Engine Light On 3 Times
00 Ford Ranger 2.5 replace spark plugs
00 Ford Explorer, Old, Oily Coolant
00 Ford Explorer, No Oil Pressure When Cold
00 Ford Explorer, Blown Out Spark Plug
00 Ford Expedition, Air Bag Code
00 Ford Expedition AWD, Rear Brake Rotor Removal
00 Ford Contour SE, High Speed Stalling
99 Ford Taurus, Running Hot
99 Ford Taurus, Gas Hog
99 Ford Taurus, ABS Brake Flickers
99 Ford Explorer, Rear Axle Noise
99 Ford Explorer, A Sick Transmission
99 Ford Explorer Sport, Big Tire Problems
99 Ford Expedition, Out of Control Idle
99 Ford Expedition, High Idle, Then No Idle
99 Ford Escort, Setting Ignition Timing
99 Ford Escort, Jerky Car
99 Ford Escort, Blowing Motor Oil
99 Ford Econoline Diesel, Hard Cold Weather Starting
99 Ford Crown Vic, Fuel Pump Reset
99 Ford Contour, Only Starts In Neutral
98 TAURUS, Brake Problems
98 Ford Windstar, Stalling Problems
98 Ford Windstar, Noisy Tie Rods
98 Ford Windstar, Exhaust Fumes in Cab
98 Ford Windstar, Doorís Open but itís Not
98 Ford Windstar, Dipping Idle
98 Ford Taurus, Transmission & Service Engine Soon Light Problems
98 Ford Taurus, Timing Chain Replacement
98 Ford Taurus, Singing from the Rear End
98 Ford Taurus, Check Engine Light
98 Ford Taurus
98 Ford Ranger, Intake Whistles and Moans
98 Ford Mustang, Unknown Fault Code
98 Ford Mustang, Parked Car Air Bags Deploy
98 Ford Explorer, No Heat
98 Ford Explorer, Multiple Lemon Alternators
98 Ford Expedition, O2 sensor Cant Get At It
98 Ford Expedition, Blinking O/D Light
98 Ford Escort, Oil In the Spark Plugs?
98 Ford Crown Vic, Emission Light Reset
98 Ford Contour, Timing Belt Help
98 Ford Contour, Random Battery Light
98 Ford Contour, Check Engine Light & Engine Oil Flush
98 Ford Contour, Air Bag Light After Transmission Service
98 Ford Contour, ABS/ Brake Warning Lights Reset
98 Ford Contour, ABS Warning Light and Diagnostic Fees
98 Ford Contour SE, Sunroof Motor
98 Ford Contour SE, Battery Light
97 Ford Pick-up, Troubled -- Waters
97 Ford F150, Tire Cupping
97 Ford F150, Door Ajar Switch
97 Ford F150, Chewed-up Cam Sensor
97 Ford Explorer, No Heat
97 Ford Explorer, Blend Door Problems
97 Ford Escort, Diagnostic Code Question
97 Ford Escort, Broken Piston
97 Ford Contour, More Charging System Problems
97 Ford Contour 2.0, Must Replace Water Pump?!
96 Windstar, Interior Lights Staying On
96 Ford Windstar, No Brakes
96 Ford Windstar, Misfire Codes or Misleading Computer
96 Ford Windstar, Fuel Pump Problems
96 Ford Windstar, Engine Skip
96 Ford Windstar, 15 Second Misfire
96 Ford Taurus, Power Steering Pump Problem
96 Ford Taurus, Flickering Battery Light
96 Ford Taurus, Emissions Coil Pack
96 Ford Taurus GL, No Start Alarm
96 Ford Probe GT
96 Ford F250 4x4, Dysfunctional Auto Hubs
96 Ford F150, Charging System Problems
96 Ford Explorer, Temp Problem
96 Ford Contour, Interior Dusting
96 Ford 4x4, Driveline Clunking
95 Ford, Private Performance
95 Ford Windstar, GEM Module
95 Ford Windstar, Flashing Air Bag Light on
95 Ford Windstar, Braking Noises
95 Ford Windstar, Air bags Deployed
95 Ford Taurus, Transmission/Power Steering Rip-off?
95 Ford Taurus, Transmission Removal
95 Ford Taurus, Broken Sway Bar
95 Ford Mustang GT, Slow Overheat
95 Ford Mustang GT, Fuel Pressure
95 Ford F-150, No Fuel Switch
95 Ford F150, Crankshaft Leak
95 Ford Escort, Great A/C No Heat
95 Ford Escort GT, Transmission Boil Over Problems
95 Ford E-350, Motor Home Transmission Problems
95 Ford E250, Timing Chain Replacement
95 Ford Crown Vic, Engine Warning Light Always On
95 Ford Contour, No Speed-O-Meter
95 Ford Aerostar, Rear End Noise
94 Ford Tempo, No Power V-6
94 Ford Taurus SHO, Rear Suspension Rattle
94 Ford Taurus
94 Ford Ranger, Timing Chain Failure
94 Ford Ranger, No Power and Surging
94 Ford Ranger, Hesitation to Repair
94 Ford F150, No Wet Start
94 Ford F-150, Clutch Pedal Problems
94 Ford Explorer, Burning Incense
94 Ford Escort, Airbag Light Blinks 3,2 Sequence
94 Ford Crown Victoria, Battery Goes Dead
94 Ford Aerostar, No Heat From New Heater
94 Ford Aerostar, Front End Clunk
94 F-150, Wet Start & Wet Driving Breakdowns
93 Ford Thunderbird, Headlight Switch Recall
93 Ford Taurus, Popping Rear End
93 Ford Taurus, AC Hose Question
93 Ford Taurus SHO, Front Struts & Brakes
93 Ford Ranger, Idle Speed Problems
93 Ford F-150, Radius Arm Bushing
93 Ford F150, Front-end Clunk
93 Ford Escort, Overheated Repairs
93 Ford Escort, Checking Transmission Fluid
93 Ford Crown Victoria, Transmission Woes and Whines
92 Ford Taurus, Key-less Reprogramming
92 Ford Taurus, Frustrated Fuel Pump/Relay
92 Ford F150, Misrouted Plug Wires
92 Ford Explorer, BAM-Fried Transmission
92 Ford Crown Vic, Erratic Speed-O
92 Ford Bronco, Idle is Too High
91 Ford Taurus, Noises from Down Under
91 Ford Taurus, Blinking Airbag Light
91 Ford Mustang, DIS Ignition Woes
90 Ford Tempo, Alternator Burn Out
90 Ford Taurus, Heater Assembly
90 Ford Taurus, Air Bag Code
90 Ford F150 No Heat
89 Ford F150, Starting Problems Hot
89 Ford F-150, Hard Start When Cold
89 Ford Escort, Jerking Car and Check Engine Light
89 Ford Escort, Battery Drain Problems
89 Ford Bronco, Fragrance of Anti-freeze
89 Ford Aerostar, Milky Motor Oil
89 Ford Aerostar, A/C Problems
88 Ford Taurus, Brake Pumps??
88 Ford Taurus, Brake Hose Failure
88 Ford F250, Clanking Sound
88 Ford Bronco, Complete Shutdown
88 Ford Bronco II, Clutch Problems
87 Ford F150, Phantom Problems
87 Ford E-150, Many Brake Pads and Rotors
86 Ford Ranger, Will Not Run
86 Ford Ranger, A/C Conversion
86 Ford F-150, Sticky Starter Relay
86 Ford Aerostar, Leaking Transmission
85 Ford LTD, Charging System
83 Ford Crown Victoria
81 Ford F-100, All Systems Dead
72 Ford, Flame Thrower
69 Ford Mustang

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