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Jim Grant Tech Tips Jim Grant Tech Tips
A collection of helpful articles based on reader submissions
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  Jim Grant's Tech TipsJim Grant's Tech Tips
Below is a collection of Jim Grant's Tech Tips sorted by Vehicle Make. These Tech Tips were answers to questions submitted to Jim by users over the course of many years.
If you have any questions, please feel free to email us.



Lincoln - Mercury
Pontiac Grand Am, Broken Fuel Filter Tabs
01 Pontiac Grand Prix GT, ABS & Traction Lights On
01 Pontiac Grand AM, Coolant in Engine Oil
01 Pontiac Grand Am, Air Conditioning Fan
01 Pontiac Firebird, Long Life Coolant?
00 Pontiac Grand Prix, Head Lights Turn Off With Heater
00 Pontiac Grand Prix GT, Inefficient Converter Code
99 Pontiac, Grand Prix, No Cooling Fan & No Heater Fan
99 Pontiac Grand AM, Push Rod Arrangement
99 Pontiac Grand Am, Faulty Fuel Gauge
99 Pontiac Grand AM, ABS Light After Brake Work
98 Pontiac Sunfire, Radiator Fan
98 Pontiac Grandprix, Intake Trouble
98 Pontiac Grand Am GT, ABS Light Even After Brake Work
97 Pontiac Grand Prix, Detonation, Knock and Engine Failure
97 Pontiac Grand Prix, Check Engine Soon, Problems In Italy
97 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP, Check Engine Light, But Runs Great
97 Pontiac Grand AM, Coolant& Check Engine Lights
97 Pontiac Grand AM, A-lot of Parts and Computer Code
97 Pontiac GP, Rough Idle When Cold
96 Pontiac Grand Am, Automatic Neutral Transmission
95 Pontiac TransSport, Built in Water Maker
95 Pontiac 3.4L, High Rev Engine
94 Pontiac Grand Prix, Flustered
94 Pontiac Grand Am, Coolant Level Warning Light
94 Pontiac Grand Am SE, White Stuff on Dipstick
94 Pontiac Bonneville SE, Leaking Moonroof
93 Pontiac Grand Prix, Wont Idle Right
93 Pontiac Bonneville, No Spark
92 Pontiac Grand Prix, Hesitation Problems
92 Pontiac Grand Prix, Cooling Fan Operation
92 Pontiac Grand Prix, Cold Start Problem
92 Pontiac Grand Prix SE, Failed Starter Diagnosis
92 Pontiac Grand Am, Blue Puffer with Oil Change
92 Pontiac Bonneville, Rumbling/growling noise when wet
90 Pontiac Sunbird Turbo 2L., Inoperative Cooling Fan
90 Pontiac Grand Prix, ABS System Eating Alternators
90 Pontiac Grand Am, Front Crankshaft Seal Leak
89 Pontiac Grand Am, Speedometer Problems
89 Pontiac Grand Am, Gauge Lights
88 Pontiac Fiero, Clutch Problems
88 Pontiac 6000, No Fuel Injection
81 Pontiac Grand Prix, Oil Leak After Repairs
68 Pontiac Catalina and Modern Fuel

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